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Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery – fast data rescue in an emergency

If, in the event of a disaster, data is actually lost and systems or infrastructure are not available anymore, as a provider of business-critical internet services, you will need quick help. Together we will establish a disaster recovery concept which contains the necessary steps which must be taken in an emergency.

  • Creating impact/risk analyses

    In many areas legal requirements exist to guarantee the continual operation of business-critical applications in the event of a disaster. Thus, with your cooperation we will develop a disaster recovery plan in which the precise measures and timings for an disaster recovery are established.

  • Fast data rescue

    The disaster recovery plan ensures that your services are additionally located in a separate data centre and thus in the event of a disaster, a recovery can take place in the agreed time. As part of our IT service continuity management, we create not only a project-related impact/risk analysis for your case, but also carry out regular disaster recovery exercises as part of the disaster recovery concept.

  • Two-data-centre strategy

    Disaster recovery consists of several stages. As well as redundant devices, it may be necessary to switch the IT production to a physically separate data centre which is at least 5 kilometres away from the original data centre. Your data and services are regularly mirrored in the back-up data centre so that operation can start up in the shortest possible time and as little data as possible will be lost.

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Two-data-centre strategy

Two-data-centre strategy