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A one-size-fits-all hosting approach is not what we offer. We provide solutions that are individually tailored to your company’s needs. Together, we will plan your hosting environment from the ground up: The design and goals are transparent, expandability is anticipated, and budgets and schedules are kept.

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Careful planning is essential for the successful creation and smooth operation of highly available hosting solutions.

Your operating concept - A solid foundation

Together, we will craft a tailored approach for your hosting solution known as an operating concept which precisely fits your business model.

Just as a plan is drawn for each new building project and its static loads are calculated, the careful planning of hosting environments represents the foundation for continuous availability, security and scalability. Take advantage of the expertise offered by our team of consultants.

In analyzing your needs, we focus on your business goals and processes using objective evaluation tools (load tests and security analyses), and we investigate synergies and feasibility. In the operating concept, we define your requirements with regard to hardware, software, scaling and security. We transparently outline essential hosting services in a detailed bid. Based on this robust planning, you can launch your project confidently and knowledgeably.

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Hybrid server architecture: The mpex cloud offers both flexibility and security.

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Operating concept

Hosting at mpex


As with all system components, databases are configured redundantly to maximize security against failure.

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mpex cloud

The hybrid mpex cloud offers the advantages of a dedicated environment and the flexibility of a scalable private cloud.

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Loadbalancer with firewall

A load balancer improves availability as well as the scalability of your services and applications.

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Scalability means that you can quickly adapt an existing system to greater or lesser demand. For example, we can rapidly boost the server capacity of a well-visited workshop over the Christmas season and add additional servers. We activate our own cloud solution - the mpex cloud. During times with less demand, the hosting environment can be slimmed down. We repeatedly perform load tests to check whether the existing system is well-configured for existing demand. We check performance, the use of resources, bottlenecks and optimization potential. When additional capacity is needed, we can immediately respond by scaling up.

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Operating concept for server hosting

  • What is the purpose of an operating concept?

    By carefully crafting an operating concept, a firm foundation is established for your hosting environment, and a relationship of trust is established between you and our company. Trust and personal contact are key to ensuring a long-term business relationship, particularly in such a demanding area as operating high-availability server landscapes.

  • What are the goals of an operating concept?

    The primary aim of the operating concept is to reflect customer requirements in an optimum technological design. As a first step, the size of the server environment is established; that is, the number and type of required servers. This is followed by the logical allocation, and additional infrastructure components are determined. Then the appropriate software is identified (such as the operating system and databases). At mpex, we have come to depend on open source software. We leverage our years of experience to engineer superior solutions for our customers.

  • Can mpex just draft an operating concept?

    Yes. As part of our consulting services, we can draft an operating concept which the customer can implement by itself or through another service provider. We prepare individual, tried-and-tested approaches with great planning depth.

  • What is the purpose of the separation of spheres between the hoster and customer?

    In the hosting concept, we define the interfaces and areas of responsibility between the customer and mpex. A variety of possible reactions, monitoring strategies and escalation approaches are conceivable. These are established together with the customer and are fully optimized to satisfy organizational requirements and budgetary parameters. At the conclusion of planning, an agreement is reached with regard to the appropriate service level.

  • How is the operating concept modified when my business grows and is faced with new demands?

    We offer a high level of expertise in supporting our customers with growth-related business models: For example, startups frequently begin small and quickly experience greater technical demands as they become successful. Our operating concepts are imminently scalable. This means that the systems can adapt to changing requirements such as higher loads, greater availability and higher traffic. We can also help customers quickly adapt to new requirements associated with operating applications.

  • How can mpex help ensure business continuity in the event of potential technical malfunctions and unanticipated disasters?

    For companies whose business stands or falls on the reliability of their services, we recommend comprehensive redundancy bolstered by a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan as a key element in the operating concept. Consider web shops as an example: When a webshop cannot be reached, companies generally experience an immediate and painful drop in sales with a potential loss of customer confidence. If a technical component fails, the failover process is immediately triggered and, for example, the application is switched to a second standby system. Depending on the requirements, mpex automates the switchover and allows the application and databases to continue operating with almost no interruption. In the event of an unanticipated major accident or failure (disaster), the disaster recovery plan takes effect. The meantime to recovery (MTR), recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) are defined for this plan. RPO specifies the acceptable amount of data loss. RTO specifies the amount of time a business process or system may be unavailable.

Disaster recovery

Redundant means failsafe! Whoever offers business-critical Internet services needs to be prepared for every eventuality, including a worst-case scenario. The hosting services offered by mpex minimize the probability of data loss with a jointly planned disaster recovery strategy. Critical services are always redundant; that is, they are at least duplicated: front ends, back ends, load balancers and switches. All of your data and services are simultaneously mirrored in a separate data center. This allows them to be restored after a catastrophe within an agreed period.

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