What benefits are associated with managed services instead of maintaining servers in-house?

There are several good reasons for farming out server management:

  1. 24/7 response team: Our IT team is available round-the-clock for the entire year. To satisfy this requirement in-house, three shifts would be needed over a seven-day work week. For the customer, engaging more personnel at greater cost and with a greater risk of downtime from illness or termination represents a major investment.
  2. Specialized expertise: Our technicians focus exclusively on optimizing every facet of server operation: High availability, security and data integrity. A great deal of time would be required to develop this specialized expertise in-house, expertise that would be lost upon the departure of an employee.
  3. Human Resources: The process of recruiting in a tight IT personnel market, familiarization and training means that a good six months will pass until a system administrator is capable of being productive in an in-house environment. In contrast, the professional expertise and experience at mpex can be accessed at any time. Our skilled employees specialize in high-availability environments. Furthermore, our technical and organizational processes have been optimized around our core competence of server operation.
    Stated briefly, outsourcing server operation saves resources in terms of cost, time, personnel and organization.

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