Server Virtualization Reduces Costs

In modern data centers, rising energy expenses represent the greatest cost for increasingly powerful systems and the cooling that they require.

Improving Flexibility and Scalability

Virtualization is an effective instrument to consolidate physical hosts and thereby reduce costs as well as CO2 emissions. The virtualization of the host environments can also substantially improve flexibility, scalability and availability. mpex operates proprietary and generic virtualization environments.
Virtualized systems can generally be cloned or migrated with little effort and are an important component in the overall cluster in conjunction with the proper data storage.

Cloud Ready

If bottlenecks are foreseen, the available capacity can be expanded quickly. A typical application would be an online shop that is frequented at a higher rate during Christmas. The management of the increased number of visitors can be helped with short-term capacity. The costs are scaled along with the project and therefore decrease after the high load phase.

Our experts would be glad to discuss setting up and operating your virtual system environment.

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