High-Available Servers at all Times

Highly available service structures are always subject to high technical quality requirements, and this includes redundancy on every level. Our years of experience in this field give our customers the confidence that they will remain online without interruption with mpex.

Robust Infrastructure

By using proven standards, we will adapt your customer-specific solution to your budgetary parameters to eliminate single points of failure. Redundancy and a high level of automation significantly enhance the robustness and availability of your systems. This approach is mirrored in all of the infrastructure facilities that we create and operate such as the highly available IP network and our dedicated data center rooms.

Specified Standards

We always use service-level agreements in which we specify the level of our services that is rendered measurable, transparent and objective by means of critical performance indicators. Such service-level agreements also specify the services provided by first and second level support. Our years of experience and painstaking problem analysis are enhanced by our automated infrastructure.

Efficiency and Expertise

Our experienced team is available around the clock to resolve critical problems for you 365 days a year. We take over the management of your hosting environment, help reduce costs through efficiency and expertise, assist you with long-term planning and thereby help you maximize profit. We make sure that the systems work flawlessly and offer appropriate reactions to problems at the agreed price and within the agreed period.

Experienced Consultants

Take advantage of our consultation services. Our consultants will develop a plan with you to set up your system based on our high-performance standards: Robust and reliable, scalable and effective, individually tailored at an attractive price.

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