Disaster Recovery - Your Emergency Strategy

The aim of IT service continuity management is to recover IT services in a catastrophe within the agreed period.

Being Prepared

Whoever offers business-critical Internet services needs to be prepared for every eventuality. For many fields, regulations stipulate that continued operation of business-critical applications needs to be sustained in the event of a catastrophe.
A disaster recovery plan ensures that your services are set up in a separate data center, thus allowing them to be restored within the agreed period in the event of a catastrophe.

Risk Analysis

Consequently, our experts develop project-related disaster recovery plans. This document which includes an effect/risk analysis describes all contingencies for emergencies.

To ensure the continuity of your business-critical IT services, redundantly-linked sites of our data centers are used. The productive systems can be immediately switched over.

The data centers are always more than 5 kilometers from each other.

  • Preparation of effect/risk analyses
  • Preparation of a disaster recovery plan
  • Disaster recovery exercises
  • Switchover of IT production to a physically separate data center

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