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Customer-specific Hosting Platforms

Ideas are called into life in the consultation, planning and development of customer projects. However, even the best hardware and network structure are not problem-free. We make sure that your systems remain live and work smoothly.

Preventing Malfunctions

The goal is to prevent sources of malfunctions and rapidly identify them to ensure seamless operation of your web platform. These measures include load-balancing which distributes the load so that the system does not overload even when the servers are operating under peak conditions.
mpex offers customer-tailored hosting platforms that are operated in high performance data centers for your company with our expertise and experience. We use a redundant N+1 architecture without single points of failure (SPOF). Our experts are available at any time to implement complex projects with short turnaround times.

Meeting the Highest Demands

We plan, implement and operate highly available multi-TIER environments as well as smaller server structures. The flexibility of our solutions allows us to precisely satisfy your needs. You retain control of every service that we render. Our portfolio includes every hosting option which allows us to meet even the highest demands.

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