Monitoring of IT Networks and Hosting Environments

Our broadly developed monitoring system monitors networks, hosting environments and services.


With reactive support, the standby team only intervenes in the case of serious malfunctions. Your IT department is transmitted messages by e-mail or SMS to give it full room to maneuver.

  • Load test - performance
  • Applications and services - database, failover status, backup, replication and clusters
  • Hardware status - fans, temperature, power supplies, hard disks, RAID status
  • Data center - air-conditioning, temperature, power, security
  • Network - traffic/bandwidths, ports, routers, switches
  • Backbones - latency, throughput, package delivery

Quick Response

Our monitoring system automatically generates reports when normal operation is endangered or has reached a certain threshold, or the general status of a system has changed.
Depending on the agreement, active or reactive support is provided. The complete, worry-free package of active support includes automatic reporting and reaction by our 24/7 standby team, normally before you are aware of it.

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