Thanks to ISO 27001-Certification - In Safe Hands

The reliable setup of the network and hosting environment starts with observing the safety requirements specified in legal regulations and compliance requirements (Basel II, SOX) as well as the safety guidelines of your company.

Well Protected

The goal is to ensure confidentiality and completeness of information. To protect this information, different types of safety measures are required:

  • Physical safety measures (such as a layer model of the access to the data center and servers)
  • Technical safety measures (such as DMZ and firewalls, VPN , VLAN, SSL)
  • Process-related safety measures (such as blocking access after a given number of wrong log-ons)
  • Personal safety measures (such as procedural instructions, employee training)

Precise Answers

Our trained and experienced system administrators and project managers can provide precise answers while maintaining the recognized standards for information security such as ISO27001 for IT basic protection.