Your Operating Concept - A Solid Foundation

Careful planning is essential to successfully set up and smoothly operate highly available hosting environments for realizing your business goals.

Analyzing Your Needs

Just as a plan is drawn for each new building project and its static loads are calculated, the careful planning of the hosting environments represents the foundation for continuous availability, security and scalability.
Take advantage of the expertise offered by our team of consultants. In analyzing your needs, we focus on your business goals and processes using objective evaluation tools (load tests, security analyses), and investigate synergies and feasibility.

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From A to Z

We answer the basic questions relating to your hosting environment pertaining to the management of availability, capacity, security, service levels, business continuity and change management. We will help you introduce, implement and optimize operation processes using proven tools and instruments: help desk, incident resolution and troubleshooting, monitoring, stand-by team, 24/7 service level, security-relevant software, change management, staging and testing environments, backup and business continuity, automated deployment and load balancing.