Server Rental - Tailored to Your Needs

We develop an operational concept on the basis of your business goals. Since the price of energy is the primary expense in high-performance data centers, the efficiency of energy and resource usage (virtualization) is our top priority when setting up your environment.

Right Choice

To convert long-term, fixed capital (CapEx) into low ongoing operating expenses (OpEx), we offer you tailored dedicated servers and hardware environments:

  • Front-end and application servers
  • Back-end and database servers
  • Storage servers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls
  • Load balancers

Always at Your Service

We build customer-specific servers from one to six height units. Our redundant servers are equipped with high-value, tested brand-named components. We also provide service level agreements for this area and guarantee ongoing operation. We store equivalent server systems in the data centers to allow quick exchange, or we store them in remote data centers for disaster recovery.

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