Business Hoster No. 1 in Berlin - All about Us

mpex offers its customers technology on the highest level with its highly available IT services. But only people can tap the entire potential of this technology.

There at the Beginning

The blossoming of the Internet in the mid-90s did not escape the attention of two computer enthusiasts. The two Linux specialists converted their business idea into reality and offered an online portal for digital audio. What first began as a project generated by enthusiasm quickly developed into a professional and profitable company.

The company adapted to market conditions and started operating its own servers, soon to be followed by customer servers, in addition to the original project. The subsequent success brought with it continuous expansion that has endured to the present. The individual server cabinet was replaced by entire rooms in a data center, and the two-man company became a large team of computer specialists and consultants: MPeXnetworks was born.

Initially conceived as an IT service provider for private customers and large companies, MPeXnetworks began specializing exclusively in business customers a few years ago. By continuing to follow this strategy, we are able to successfully support companies that focus primarily on highly available server systems and provide them with outstanding customer service.

Evolving Business

In 2014 and 2015 we developed our strategic orientation even further. These developements in the course of our brand relaunch are not only reflected in our new company logo and an concisive slogan, but also by a memorable company name: the GmbH, along with its brand MPeXnetworks, has been renamed to mpex GmbH in April 2015.

Long-term Experience

Since the founding of the GmbH (limited liability company), more than 10 years have passed, and we are proud to look back on the company history of MPeXnetworks. Today, our satisfied customers look to us as a reliable and approachable IT company that focuses exclusively on business customers and managed services. We refuse to distinguish ourselves with cheap solutions and offer instead cost efficiency and individuality while planning and implementing challenging IT projects.

However, one thing has never changed over the development of mpex: The initial passion for the company remains uninterrupted for the two friends and managers, Lars Bräuer and Gregor Rex-Lawatscheck.